Turn Your Photos Into Beautiful Keepsake Greeting Cards

Photographer's Edge features a complete line of patented matted Photo-Frame "Keepsake Style" Greeting Cards.  Create your own special Holiday Greeting Cards or photo cards for all events and occasions.

"Just a Note" CardUse YOUR photos to showcase your talents, resell your work or simply share your photos and special moments with family and friends in our high quality unique window frame product. You and the recipient will be impressed with your own uniquely created specialty greeting cards!

Most Greeting Cards are soon forgotten or discarded...your cards will be kept and cherished!

About Our Product... Richly textured recycled cardstock * muted earthy colors * environmentally friendly soybean based inks * guaranteed to hold your photo exactly in position, with NO shifting * professional appearance * imprinting & customized cards are available

Uses for Photographer's Edge Photo Greeting Cards... * Holiday Greeting * Personal card sending for any occasion * Giving as gifts * Fundraising * Inexpensive Mats * Retailing * Reselling and Marketing Your Photos (see our selling and photo tips section)

Photographer's Edge

855 Garden of the Gods Rd #C
Colorado Springs, CO 80907-3442

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